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i-immersive connect schools, colleges and campuses for live, linked immersive learning. All delivered through our ecosystem of unique immersive rooms. By utilising cutting-edge technologies, we deliver seamless and engaging live teaching experiences across multiple locations.

In combination with the installation of market-defining audio visual hardware in our expertly designed classrooms; our stable and secure streaming platform allows educators to simultaneously engage student groups at multiple participating HE or FE institutions.

WebEx, Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams are great web conference products and great tools for corporate communications (one2one and one2many). When it comes to immersive, high quality classroom to classroom based situations requiring HD quality on large screens, our i-immersive Rooms deliver much higher quality due to our networks near-zero latency. We can also run on much lower bandwidth, enabling users to connect from remote locations., for either video or content. The i-immersive Room delivers much higher quality and near-zero latency, so can run on much lower bandwidth than the others.

In short, our remote learning platform allows universities, colleges and schools to:

Ensure consistency of teaching between locations

Widen curriculum offering and cost-effectively provide courses to smaller groups of students

Reduce lecturer costs and drive additional revenue via the network of partners

Overcome teacher and lecturer shortages in certain subjects and geographical location

“Our immersive rooms have provided a great return on investment, in their first year of operation we have saved over £100k of costs. In addition, we will now use the rooms to support our plans to provide safe socially distant learning, as part of our Covid-19 restart plans.”

Dan Pearson – CEO, USP College Essex (pioneers of our first immersive rooms)

How it works

i-immersive provide contemporary learning spaces of consistent design that accommodate the practical and social needs of the modern classroom setting, whilst empowering you to deliver and receive high-quality ‘real-time’ learning to or from any location across the globe.

Each immersive room is a complete ‘all-in-one’ solution, optimised for the i-immersive network. All rooms are enhanced with a minimum of 5 HD screens and all the hardware necessary to provide the best possible experience.

Included in the annual subscription is the benefit of a fully managed ‘real-time’ communication service. Our service is fully cloud based and runs on the Janet based, Vscene platform; a highly-scalable, secure private cloud with fully resilient across global points of presence, supporting millions of users.

Included in the subscription:

  • A comprehensive, state of the art, i-immersive room
  • Professional academic staff training
  • Dedicated UK based technical support
  • Access to the i-immersive Network

We have fine-tuned the most effective pedagogical approaches in multi-location, digital delivery. Our comprehensive training and support ensures your practitioners excel in immersive delivery to maximise the opportunity the immersive network brings:

  • Simplifies digital delivery
  • Ensures consistency in quality of delivery
  • Boosts engagement and enhances the experience
  • Produces the best learner outcomes

i-immersive rooms

The physical configuration of each room is designed to mirror the rest of the i-immersive network, ensuring a seamless experience and protecting the quality and consistency of delivery.

Our rooms enable the delivery of outstanding digital learning experiences for students and lecturers. Each room accommodates the practical, social and digital needs of the today’s classroom including:

  • Collaborative interactive teaching
  • Conversation style structure
  • Café/informal theme
  • Classic classroom setting
  • Stand and deliver method
  • Traditional lecture style

Hardware includes:

  • 5 x 86” HD screens
  • 2 x Ultra HD PTZ cameras, with upto 20x optical zoom and lecturer tracking
  • Ground-breaking HD audio and 8,192 virtual microphones
  • Optoma Visualiser
  • Remote app

The Future of Education

Our fully immersive technology not only incorporates – but enhances – the proven, traditional forms of learning in a seamless, safe and reliable way. Our pioneer providers have mastered new pedagogical approaches to improve customary forms of education, without the teacher needing technical knowledge. Our innovative solution keeps the human-to-human experience; blending the way that new generations consume learning with the key foundations of traditional delivery.

i-immersive connects minds across geographical distances through our innovative education ecosystem. This collaborative network provides the solution for teaching shortages by connecting students and teachers alike, into a fully immersive learning experience. 

Transforming education, i-immersive bridge the physical space between students and staff across any geographical distance, opening up a network of highly skilled lecturers who can transfer their knowledge and stimulate learning without the boundaries of location.

We provide a commercial solution to financial and fiscal issues faced by educational providers, in particular; colleges, training providers and school sixth-forms.

i-immersive provide the opportunity to access highly skilled educators through our cutting edge, advanced pedagogical approach. Providing original, dynamic learning spaces for flexible, interactive and linked teaching.

We deliver a seamless, secure, fully managed real-time connection across schools, colleges or campuses to boost student engagement. All delivered in modern, stimulating and technologically-advanced learning environments.

Technology & Security

Powered by the Janet Network

i-immersive classes are connected using Vscene, the only global service developed for education and research. Vscene allows students and teaching staff to connect using real-time audio and HD video, helping to facilitate immersive, humanised learning and is used by over 2,000 education, research and public sector organisations.

This highly secure platform uses end-to-end encryption across UK hosted servers, in government approved data centres of the Janet and SWAN networks.

Ajenta and Jisc work in partnership to deliver the Vscene service across the secure education Janet network. Ajenta are responsible for the management and development of the service, while ensuring that it remains competitive and innovative.

i-immersive are Ajenta’s strategic partner for the delivery of immersive classrooms using the Vscene service. Vscene is used by over 2,000 education and research-focused institutions within the UK and Europe.

Fully Resilient: i-immersive use the high-speed Janet network. We run on a fully managed architecture hosted within leading data centres worldwide, split across multiple points of presence. All servers are clustered for the highest level of capacity and efficiency.

Ultra High Definition: Live stream with up to 1080p at 60 frames per second and data sharing up to 5k (ultra high resolution). All sessions can also be recorded in HD

Secure: HTTPS transport protocol and 128 bit AES encryption, with only the latest vendor software versions. Fully FIPS and HIPAA compliant. The architecture conforms to ISO27001 and 14001 and is Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, and the like are governed under US law and use a lot of collected data for marketing and “service improvement” purposes. There are also the security restrictions around beaming ‘minors’ across the general internet. i-immersive is on UK only servers in the Janet and SWAN networks in government-approved data centres. The service is only accessible by education, research and government. All data is 100% private.

However, we do support Teams users to connect to a Vscene hosted class. This is because we host the session on our services so we can guarantee privacy.

Connected Immersive Learning

  • Fully automated no fussy control systems
  • Allows teachers to teach naturally
  • Vastly improves student engagement
  • Exciting experience for all

Vscene Janet Hosted

  • High quality video over Vscene – low latency
  • Supports access across multiple rooms, desktop and mobile devices
  • Allows secure connections across FE, HE and Schools across the Janet network and globally across the NREN interconnect

Real-Time Collaboration

  • Nureva Span provides real time collaboration across multiple colleges at same time
  • Global Whiteboard and Infinite Canvas
  • Tasks, quizzes, surveys and presentations
  • Additionally allows access from mobiles and tablets

Key Benefits

Another room with the same technology allows for seamless access to live teaching and training

Improved quality: The best teachers can teach multiple classes from one room

Allows for smaller cohorts to be taught simultaneously for cost efficiency

Creates consistency for students accessing the strongest tutor available

Saves money on travel costs between sites for CPD and meetings

i-immersive in action

USP College, Essex – Seevic Campus / Palmers Campus

An early adopter to our innovation, USP College installed i-immersive hubs into two split campus locations. Real feedback from students learning in this environment described this revolutionary learning space as a welcome presence of ‘state of the art’ technology.

Students immediately understood that the benefit of connecting i-immersive hubs, regardless of distance, was to connect minds, collaborate and learn. All involved welcomed this modern approach.

Students commented that the immediacy of the experience is instant when sharing one educator and that participation was exciting.

Feedback from Hub 1:
“The interaction with the teacher was amazing, it had great functionality and we felt like one class” 

Feedback from Hub 2:
“You feel like you are really there, it is like they are in the room or just looking through a window to another part of the room”

Latest News

i-immersive founder speaks to SFCA

i-immersive’s Dan Pearson spoke at SFCA Summer Festival about USP College using our solution to staffing issues, small group sizes & curriculum expansion

New website launched

i-immersive are today delighted to announce the launch of our new website.


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With the chaos caused to the 2019/20 academic year by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve put together a guide for educational providers in the UK to help them plan for socially distant learning.

Empower your teachers to deliver high quality home education to individuals and groups, across multiple locations.

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    i-immersive network

    We are creating an ecosystem of our rooms across the UK. Each room has the same layout and specification, meaning they can facilitate a joined-up, collaborative network of colleges that can seamlessly connect to one another and share teaching resource. We are essentially creating a marketplace for buying and selling of teaching, which allows colleges to run courses for smaller class sizes. This enables the provision of courses and qualifications those institutions couldn’t usually offer in their area through lack of teachers or student demand.

    The i-immersive network brings together educational institutions wishing to realise additional revenue from their teaching resource, with others who wish to offer a wider curriculum to smaller student groups without the high staff to income ratios.

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